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Movie time

During the closure of the museum due to the Corona crisis, we shot short films in the exhibition, depot and library. Since some of our visitors expressed themselves positively about it, we simply continued filming.

Stories from the museum’s collection storage with chief curator Petra Werner

There is not a single piece of porcelain from the 280,000 objects in the collection that Petra Werner does not know anything about!
She has selected a small selection of special exhibits and informs about exciting details in short stories.

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Stories from the exhibition with curator Thomas Miltschus

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Stories from the exhibition with chief curator Wolfgang Schilling

In the exhibition "On the life and work of porcelain makers in Europe", everything revolves around the people in the factories. How long were the working hours? What did the workers earn? What illnesses did they have to deal with. What role did factory owners play? Wolfgang Schilling answers these and other questions.

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A tour of the library with the librarian and archivist Dr. Rüdiger Barth and Dr. Bernd von Chiari

Any comprehensive study of the subject of "porcelain" also requires a corresponding theoretical background knowledge. This is provided by our library with more than 23,000 titles on various porcelain topics such as art, economy and history. This makes it the largest porcelain library in Germany. The librarian and archivist Dr. Rüdiger Barth reports on the history, structure and contents of this important institution.

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Explore Museum Education from home

On the air: Christoph Uhlig and Regine Leineweber. Listen, learn and marvel with us at porcelain objects from the 3D printer or freshly casted hieroglyphics with a little translation assistance.
The videos are in German, but also easy to understand by watching. Enjoy!

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Imagemotiv Porzellanikon Hohenberg und Selb. Tassensammlung mit Porzellanfigur von Josephine Baker und dem Erdbeerservice im Vordergrund. Rechte Seite Innenansicht eines Rundovens mit Brennkapseln im Hintergrund und ein Arbeiters beim Becherdrehen.

Experience the museum live

Visit Porzellanikon at its two locations - Hohenberg an der Eger and Selb. In an ideal way, they embody the tradition of the porcelain industry in what is still the most important porcelain region in Europe today - in North-Eastern Bavaria. For a visit with children, we recommend the Porzellanikon in Selb (Factory & Technology). For porcelain lovers, we recommend the Porzellanikon in Hohenberg (Villa & Collection). There you will experience the beauty and diversity of 300 years of European porcelain culture.

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